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Retail Employment: Behavioural Competency Examples

Posted by | May 22, 2012 | A Guide to Retail Employment Law & HR


Retail Employment : Behavioural Competency Examples

Behavioural Competency Examples for Retail Jobs:

Leadership Potential in Retail Employment

  • Inspires and motivates others,
  • Delegates effectively,
  • Generates loyalty and commitment,
  • Develops others,
  • Encourages contribution and empowerment,
  • Adapts style to suit different individuals;
  • Demonstrates good communication skills;
  • Provides structure while allowing for individual initiative
  • Behaves assertively but not aggressively
  • Seems confident

Results Focus in Retail Employment

  • Actively influences events to achieve goals,
  • Maintains high levels of activity and produces high level of output,
  • Thrives on and acts at pace;
  • Sets achievable but realistic targets;
  • Directs activities to timely completion;
  • Appears to thrive under pressure

Profit Delivery in a Retail Environment

  • Spots opportunities that will increase sales or profits;
  • Selects and exploits those opportunities,
  • Focuses on what adds value

Problem Solving and Decision Making

  • Attempts to simplify and/or improve procedures and techniques,
  • Thinks before acting but doesn’t procrastinate
  • Initiates new ideas,
  • Looks for new solutions to old problems;
  • Interprets information available effectively and uses it to make informed decisions,
  • Identifies patterns and trends;
  • Evaluates alternatives,
  • Thinks laterally and creatively in problem solving;
  • Considers external and internal influences

Strategic thinking and awareness

  • Takes a long term view, rather than short term;
  • Is aware of external influences;
  • Identifies trends that will impact on the business;
  • Thinks big picture as well as detail;
  • Helicopter management style

Managing Change/Adaptability

  • Flexible in approaches;
  • Positively embraces change;
  • Can see group perspective as well as own personal one;
  • Tolerates ambiguity; shifts priorities, changes style and responds with new approaches as needed
  • Doesn’t get upset when things don’t go the preferred way
  • Can fill a variety of roles: leader, follower etc.

Planning, Organizing & Controlling

  • Manages time effectively;
  • Anticipates situations rather than simply reacting;
  • Effectively uses resources available;
  • Plans for long term activity

Interpersonal Relations in Retail Employment

  • Good communication skills;
  • Good listening skills,
  • Explains and clarifies
  • Gives others an opportunity to participate
  • Friendly and approachable
  • Responds to others whilst driving others to achieve;
  • Demonstrates a consultative working style;
  • Develops productive working relationships

Team Orientation

  • Ability to work well in a team to plan and implement mutual goals
  • Ability to exchange ideas and reach consensus
  • Ability to delegate and share team workload
  • Consult with the team on specialist information

Market & Customer Focus

  • Focuses on customer needs at all times,
  • Awareness of external environment e.g. competitors trends etc;
  • Knowledge of the industry;
  • Passion for the industry

Confidentiality & Integrity

  • The ability to deal with confidential information and sensitive issues
  • The ability to maintain integrity at all times
  • Managing Cultural Diversity
  • The ability to relate to diverse cultural groups on an ongoing basis
  • Be open-minded and approachable to allow for better understanding of cultural needs and uniqueness.

Stress Tolerance

  • Able to cope with sensitive interpersonal situations
  • Able to handle difficult individuals, groups and situations
  • Able to withstand pressure on an ongoing basis
  • Able to deal with difficult situations without losing performance
  • The ability to handle conflict

Attention to Detail

  • Able to perform with high levels of speed and accuracy


  • Able to persist their attempt to achieve an objective even in the face of negativity


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